Chloe and Dalton - Highlight Video

I’ve known Chloé and Dalton for quite some time at church, and I was honored to be able to film their wedding. From when they first started dating, I knew they had something special and I was fortunate enough to be able to capture that on film. And such a huge thanks to them for their patience as the videos took a far amount longer than expected to come out.



Chris Wynn Videography is LIVE!

The website for Chris Wynn Videography is now up and online! I’ll be posting updates on projects, fun behind-the-scenes photos and videos, along with final releases. The site as of now is pretty basic, but I’ll be making it better and better as time goes on and as more content is made! Be sure to check out all the different pages: the “About” section where you can check out what I’m all about, “My Work” where you can see some of my previous videography projects, and “Rates” where you can see what I charge for videography work. Be sure to stick around!